Diabetes Surgery

Special Information for Patients

A new reality!

Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes a progressive deterioration of the body that attacks the microvasculature, targeting the heart, kidneys, retina, nerves and other organs. A patient through an advanced phase of diabetes ends bedridden and with low quality of life.

An important section of the population with chronic kidney failure, as well as cardiac disabled and peripheral vascular disease patients have an undercurrent diabetes. Diabetes causes big life and economic loses not only to control it, but also to handle chronic and acute complications.

A full control of diabetes can be observed in the evolution of the obese patient treated with a gastric bypass (between 85 and 90%). In early stages, a point is reached where there is no need of any medication to control blood sugar levels. There are world studies and scientific publications presenting gastric bypass as the definitive cure for the obese diabetic patient. Currently, the approach is even focused on overweight non obese diagnosed patients, who have been treated with gastric bypass, controling blood sugar levels suspending medication.

Nowadays, operating type 2 diabetes patients with no obesity or overweight diagnose is being discussed. This is a big step in treatment of diabetic patients, whose clinical deterioration cannot be stopped, despite taking medication and having control of their sugar levels.

The diabetes cure and control pathophysiological mechanism with gastric bypass is not completely clear, hormone inhibition is postulated against insuline regulators, which allows the free action of the endogenous insuline of the patient.

This finding was not seeked, but many other medical discoveries have had the same origin. Knowing that there is a surgical definitive treatment for the type 2 diabetic patient opens a big horizon for many people with a non flattering life expectancy.